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Fake chats, profiles and news for memes

Now creating social media memes and pulling pranks on your friends or getting better reacts and comments on your page is easier then ever.

Some of the best features Of Our App!

Fake Profiles

Create fake profiles of all social media accounts for fun.

Fake Posts

Create fake posts of all social platforms just like real.

Fake Chat

Prank your fiends with fake chat feature of our app.

Fake News

Create funny fake breaking news, and have fun with friends and family.


DISCLAIMER: This app is for entertainment purposes only. Any kind of misuse of the app is highly discouraged. Neither this app is affiliated with any other social platform.

What Our Users

Shaker Sam

I Really like this app! It gives me a sense of euphoria and the idea of what I want. This app is great!

Morgana Wells

Let me start off by saying, If I could rate 6 stars, I would! This is a very useful app for trolling.Great app. 5 stars.

Mahad Tariq

A good app to play around with friends and colleagues.

Veyrith Jia

Wow it feels like a fake world only in 1 app. Its perfect for online writer like us, yo.😍

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